Safety first
Stay safe and be alert during all times to any suspicious behavior
Your Suplift experience starts the moment you embrace curiosity and learning. Thats`s only possible when you trus this
community and feel safe and comfortable. As a result your safety and the safety of the ones around you is our first priority - we
require that you refrain from endangering or threatening anyone and being alert to any suspicious behaviour and report it.

Our Suplift community members share their time, experiences, and resources. Whether you’re helping others get better at a
certain skill or hobby as a Suplifter or learning from a Suplifter as a Suplearner, you should trust that you will feel secure. We ask
you to respect others’ property, information, boundaries, and personal belongings.

Creating a world where everyone can truly support and uplift each others requires us to trust each others first. However, trust
shall be given only to the ones who deserve it.

Thus, here are some points to keep in mind as a Suplearner:

What Suplift is doing to make classes more safer?

Stay safe and learn awesome things.